Hachi Restaurant

About Us

We are the pioneers of Omakase dining concept in Singapore, which is pivotal for serving ingredients as fresh as possible. customers can expect authentic Japanese dishes using specially procured ingredients prepared with care and love for the natural richness of japan.


Our unrelentless pursuit to express the “wa” or the harmony of ingredients drives us everyday.


Our chefs aim to elevate every ingredient to its optimal level and create dishes that leaves a long lasting impression etched on the minds of our customers.


Each year we continuously travel back and forth from Singapore to japan to procure ingredients and gain inspiration from every changing season. seasons change and ingredients constantly evolve over the years. new ingredients and techniques are explored by our team, and classical traditional dishes often revived. We hope when you visit Hachi Restaurant, our food will speak to you the volumes of effort that goes into each dish.


Kindly refer to our brief section on Omakase – the concept if you are visiting our restaurant for the first time as we do not have an ala carte menu.