The Omakase experience is available for lunch at $158++ to $168++ per pax, with 7 to 8 specially crafted dishes being served.

An Omakase lunch on average will take around 60 minutes to 90 minutes to be served.

Our special Wagyu Omakase utilizing various of our Wagyu cuts is available at $178++ to $188++ per pax.

The Tokusei seafood Chirashi-don featuring fresh sashimi and uni is available at $98++ to $108++ per portion. Limited portions daily.

The Shokadou bento $78++ with a selection of fresh dishes of the day is great value to have a bit of everything.


The Omakase dinner options starts from $238++ per pax depending on the season’s ingredients and each meal consists of around 8 to 9 specially crafted dishes.


Though certain japanese dining styles like Kaiseki have certain structure to the menu, in terms of serving say a Sakizuke or Otoshi (amuse bouche), followed by a Mikozuke (seasonal sashimi) then a Yakimono (broiled dish) etc, our Omakase menu emphasizes on serving what is the freshiest and best available for that day to our customers.


We recommend our Hachi Omakase available at $318++ or our premium Ryu Omakase at $398++ per pax. You may at the point of making your reservation, let us know of your Omakase selection.


We do customize different menus for customer’s request given sufficient notice, so do contact us if you have a higher budget or special desired ingredient you wish to have.


While we try to anticipate our customers’ attendance and speed of dining, we try our best to hold preparation of dishes until just before the guest is ready to dine. Please be patient in order to allow our chefs to work at the right preparation pace.


An Omakase dinner on average will take around 90 to 120 minutes to be served.

We hope when you visit Hachi Restaurant, our food will speak to you the volumes of effort that goes into each dish.

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