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For urgent assistance and same day reservation, call us at +65 6734 9622 between

11:00 AM - 10:00 PM


  • For group size larger than 10 guests, kindly email us using the Contact Form
  • The restaurant will allocate you to another seating arrangement if your preferred selection is not available

Over our 2 decades of business, we have tried our best to educate and share with our customers that cancellations have a detrimental impact to all restaurant operations especially establishments that focus on specially indented ingredients from overseas based on reservation numbers. The actual losses from the cost of fresh ingredients is further compounded by the loss of business opportunity where the cancelled reservation/ seats could have been taken up by another customer. 

We seek your kind understanding to avoid cancellations within 4 days from the reservation date. 

For some reservations like large group bookings or private room bookings, a credit card authorization form may be required to be completed and cancellation charges will apply.

While we understand that there may be unexpected situations warranting the cancellation of reservations from our valued customers, we would like to advocate that there is an associated cost for such cancellations. 

Customers who frivolously make multiple reservations or same day cancellations may be rejected for future reservations. 

We thank you in your cooperation to progress Singapore’s restaurant industry.”


$40++ per bottle of wine or champage (720-750ml),

$40++ per bottle of of sake/ shochu (720-750ml),

$80++ per bottle of sake/shochu (1500ml-1800ml),

$80++ per bottle of liquor (720-750ml)


The Restaurant

Customers can choose to dine at 4 table settings in hachi restaurant. In either the tatami private room, the semi-private room, the chef’s counter or the main dining.

Tatami Private Room

We have a large tatami private room that can accommodate up to 16 pax comfortably (18 pax maximum). Guests are seated on regular dining chairs, however shoes need to be removed as the floor is tatami. Please note that only Omakase menus are served in these rooms and credit card authorization form is required to be completed, cancellation charges apply.

Semi-Private Room

Two semi-private rooms that can accommodate 4 to 5 pax. These rooms are private with no adjacent tables and have no doors for prompt service and improved communication with the restaurant. Do call in advance to book these rooms as they are highly popular with our customers. Please note that only Omakase menus are served in these rooms.

Chef’s Counter

The preferred choice for most of our regular customers as they get to be up close with our culinary team, enjoying preparation of their dishes up close & catching up on some conversation with our chefs.

Main Dining Banquette Table

For dining in groups or a lively conversation, our dining tables (of up to 14 seats) line the length of the restaurant without compromising our chefs' attention on each customer.

the public eight

Our whisky & cocktail bar for pre or post meal drinks. Inspired by our visits to the yamazaki & hakushu distilleries in japan, the public eight showcases exceptional high ball cocktails and other seasonal beverage creations.

We hope when you visit Hachi Restaurant, our food will speak to you the volumes of effort that goes into each dish.

1 St Andrew's Rd, #01-02/03
National Gallery Singapore
Singapore 178957